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Blockchain & Infrastructure Circle

"Blockchain is a distributed ledger; a stateless, ungoverned, decentralized network that maintains an anonymous, unalterable record of transactions between parties
Infrastructure, as it relates to the financial industry, refers to the resources and systems in place to facilitate and regulate trade, or the flow of money"  
source: MIT Future Commerce
The Blockchain & Infrastructure Circle focus its interest in the Blockchain, Digital Identity, Operational Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Privacy.

Money & Payments Circle

Some of the disruptive trends taking place in the area of money and payments include the following: Mobile banking, Peer-to-peer transfers, Digital currencies, The Internet of Things.
Although bitcoin is the best-known digital currency, there are hundreds of cryptocurrency in operation or development.
It becomes incontestably clear that the very nature of money is changing.  
Join this Circle if you are interested in how Fintech innovation is playing a prominent role in shaping our world towards a cashless society.

Market & Marketplace Circle

In the traditional market, securities are publically bought and sold; the asset classes are defined and settled, and traders in loud jackets frantically pace the floor of Stock Exchanges (NYSE).  Most of this is changing.
Some of the disruptive trends surfacing in the area of securities markets include: Prediction markets (wisdom of crowds); Social trading; Automated advice and wealth management; High-frequency trading
Given that blockchain technology makes it possible for users to transact without needing to trust the other party or acquire the mediating services of a third party, numerous peer-to-peer platforms are appearing every year.
Some of the disruptive trends taking place in the area of marketplaces include: Non-traditional capital raising; Sharing economy; Financial inclusion.
This Circle seeks deeper insight and discussion into this area of the fintech ecosystem.


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