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Since opening in 2017, Hong Kong Fintech Society has been the cornerstone bringing together its community of members. Our remarkable resources, reliable support and commitment to go above and beyond are unparalleled, and keep our community growing every day. Keep reading to learn about what we have to offer.


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Our doors are open to anyone interested in joining our growing community. As a Hong Kong Fintech Society member, you’ll have exposure to a vibrant network along with a wealth of knowledge and experience you can’t find anywhere else. Our community is tight-knit, but incredibly welcoming. Check out the options below to learn more.

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As a leader in the industry, Hong Kong Fintech Society hosts a broad range of events to provide learning and networking opportunities. Our conferences, training sessions and social events are a perfect place to connect with other members, gain industry insight and learn more about our association. Check out our upcoming events below.

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Contact us to see what other events we have coming up.

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Hong Kong Fintech Society provides members with news and useful information to help promote their professional growth. Get a feel for the industry, learn more about the kinds of services we provide and stay updated with all our latest developments. If you’d like more information about what we do and how to join us, get in touch directly.


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To learn more about Hong Kong Fintech Society, reach out today.

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Interested in becoming a member or simply have questions about Hong Kong Fintech Society? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

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